Sky Institute of Occupational Health,Safety and Environment

From time immemorial it was known that man had to fight his way through to get his food clothing and shelter. In pursuit of these basic needs man ha to face challenges from the environment .The matters were simple in the pre civilization days when he had to contend with the excesses of few things like earth wind fire air and ether which we called Pancha Bhootha

As we progressed things became more complicated, but yet humans had to protect themselves against occupational hazards at every point in time to protect not only him but also others who were dear and near to him.

Our institute is a moving force led by a team of professionals who intend to deliver a spectrum of activities under OHS as per ILO and Indian factory act guidelines (1987) to the needy organizations first and to all workplaces eventually.

With the industrial revolution the matters became more complicated in the sense industry which aimed at making life easier for the millions was not without its dangers.