About Us

Welcome To Sky Institute of occupational health,safety and environment

SKY institute of health,safety and environment is a moving Force lead by a team of professionals who intend to deliver a spectrum of activities under occupational health and safety as per ILO & IFA guidelines to the needy Organizations especially the medium and small industries.

Hundreds of millions of people are employed in various industries and occupations all over the world. Almost all are at risk of contracting work related diseases and accidents which are responsible for morbidity and mortality among workers. Occupational health diseases are unique in that it goes unnoticed for several years until it appears and at that stage the damage caused by disease process cannot be reversed to normally at any cost. Therefore it causes loss of production in the industry which will undermine economic growth.

This highlights the importance of proper and conductive. Workplace environment and also the need for improving the health of workers. It is well know that occupational health services are locking in many of world, especially developing countries including India.

Sadly, many of the industries do not yet give the impotence to occupational health hazards. WHO states that the reported prevalence of occupational diseases are far below the actual figures. Ministry of labour in India is taking great interest in the health of our working population and striving hard to prevent and control various occupational hazards and to promote health among workers.

We, the SKY institute of occupational health,safety and environment endeavour to strengthen the government aim of protection and promotion of health of workers as well as provision of safe working environment.

We value:

  • Quality technical occupational health,safety and environment services.
  • Health workplace to improve health of workers.
  • Views & opinion s of our esteem customers through exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • Contributing to community health.
  • Multidisciplinary team based approach.

We Guarantee:

  • Reduction in industrial accidents & disability.
  • Reduction in medical cost.
  • Reduction in claims.
  • Healthy work place.