Our Services

We provide occupational health & safety services which includes:

Statutory requirements:

  • Form 4 certification for age of employees.
  • Periodic and follow up examinations.
  • First Aid Training.
  • Fire-fighting training.
  • Personal Protective devices.
  • Environmental survey and sampling according to type of industry.
  • Pre-placement medical examination.
  • Arrangement and establishment at the factory premises.
    • Ambulance Room
    • Medical Room
    • Occupational Health Centers
  • Preparation of off-site & on-site emergency Plans.
  • Supervision of creche services in the factory.

Special Requirements:

  • Conducting Occupational health,safety and environment surveys
  • Occupational Health risk analysis and their control measures
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Industrial Toxicology laboratory services
  • Ergonomics
  • Preparation of Material safety data sheet
  • Corporate Occupational health services
  • Job satisfaction surveys
  • Workers compensation analysis
  • Occupational Safety and health auditing system (OSHAS-18001-1999)

Educational and training requirements:

  • Stress management
  • Personal Protective devices
  • Job Enrichment Programs
  • Hazardous substances training programs
  • Spirometry training courses
  • Emergency responder training programs like fire fighting , first aid , Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Prevention of infectious diseases and personal hygiene and HIV counseling
  • Electrical safety

We also Provide

24 hours traumacare & General Healthcare at our attached hospital. Sri Vinayaka General & Maternity Hospital near Channakeshava Nagar, Hosur Main Road